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Your vehicle’s wheel alignment is something that will eventually need to be corrected. Many drivers will ignore their vehicle’s alignment services until it starts to compromise their driving. Or they will wait until they find themselves wasting money at the tire shop. Ignoring your vehicle’s alignment service is NOT the most cost-effective service plan. All Tune and Lube in Ocala, FL want its customers to come to our shop as soon as they notice an issue. The first indication of an alignment need is the slight drift to the right or left that you feel whenever you loosen your grip on the steering wheel. This is a problem that should be fixed as soon as possible, but many drivers will adjust their driving to compensate for the drift. Drivers might even get used to it, and no longer notice. However, that does not mean that the problem has gone away.

Misaligned wheels will only get worse with time. While you’re growing accustomed to the alignment issue, the wheels are continuing to be a hazard to your safety and other motorists. Usually it takes money to make drivers pay attention. If you drive with an alignment problem for too long, you will see the evidence in your tire tread. They will all wear unevenly, making them unfit for safe road travel. With one side of your tires balding and the other side looking like new, you will have to replace them. This tires will need to be replaced long before you intended to replace them. Not only did you not get the most out of your tire investment, but you’ll need to repair your alignment problem. This all would have been avoided had you brought your vehicle to ATL – Ocala for an alignment service before your tires’ tread became uneven. If you’re fortunate the misaligned and balding tires did not lead to a flat tire while driving.

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Our team is highly trained and experienced at providing our customers with precise alignment services. The cause can be anything from normal wear-and-tear to an impact with a curb or a pothole. If you notice something wrong with your alignment right away, then make us your next stop. Our ASE Certified techs use state-of-the-art alignment equipment to make sure your vehicle is safe and road-ready. Save time and money with the service experts at All Tune and Lube – Ocala. Give us a call today to schedule your next alignment service. You can go ahead and schedule an appointment right now using our online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, just stop by our shop to meet our specialists.