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Stopping On a Dime–Slowing Down Safely

The brakes are the vehicle’s most important safety feature. If they’re not functioning properly, you won’t even get behind the wheel. Like all other vehicle maintenance, being proactive is the best course of action. You can enjoy Sunday drives, extended road trip, and daily commutes with confidence as long as your brakes are functioning properly. To avoid unexpected performance problems on the road, come to All Tune and Lube – Ocala to get your brakes checked. The first signs of trouble are a high-pitched squeal when you apply the brakes. Your braking system is designed to give you this early alert when the brake pads have worn too low. This alert can sometimes go unnoticed when you drive with the windows up or the car stereo on. This is the perfect time to visit ATL – Ocala because there is no sign of extensive damage and is an easy-to-fix problem. However, the longer that you delay your brake service, the more extensive the damages can become.

Hard Brakes? Squishy Brakes? Slow Brakes?–Visit ATL – Ocala!

Eventually your brake pads will wear all the way down to metal-on-metal, and you’ll hear an unmistakable grinding noise. You should cease driving your vehicle in this condition to prevent further damages to your braking system. Other clear warning signs of issues with your brakes can be felt. The steering wheel may vibrate or shudder when your braking system needs attention. The brake pedal may also respond abnormally to your foot. It could feel rigid or hard, requiring extra effort to slow down. Also, the brake pedal could feel soft and not give any resistance like normal. Our brake service experts are here to fix any brake repair need after a thorough brake check service. We will inspect everything from your brake pads to your brake hardware, lines, and hoses.

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We back our brake repair work with a comprehensive warranty, so you can be as confident in the quality of our services as we are. You can count on All Tune and Lube – Ocala to provide the same professional brake repair and maintenance services you would receive at a dealership. Our personalized auto service experiences make for better relationships with our customers. And we won’t charge you an arm and a leg either. We keep our brake services highly effective and affordable. Be sure to check our website for offers and coupons for your next brake service, and feel free to walk in or schedule an appointment online today.